Before I could take pictures for my project, I needed to spend some time getting to grips with the settings on my DSLR camera. Although I have taken photography before, it has usually been focused more on the ideas in the work rather than the technical aspects.

The aperture refers to how open the iris diaphragm is. The diagram below illustrates a range of settings, starting with the bigger aperture that lets the most light in to smaller ones which limit the amount of light. The smaller the F/ setting, the bigger the iris and thus the more light.

Langford, 2010. 

In order to see how changing the aperture affects an image, I shot the photograph of a series of objects and kept all of the other settings the same. I then created a gif of a selection of the photographs to demonstrate how the image changes from overexposed on the large aperture to underexposed on the smallest setting.




Langford, 2010. Figure 3.6 [image online] Avalible at: https://www.dawsonera.com/readonline/9780080959023 [Accessed 5th March 2017]


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